why childhood immunizations are important

Why Childhood Immunizations Are Important

Immunization protects your child from infectious diseases. This is a fact, and this also helps future generations from infectious diseases. When you choose to vaccinate, you help eliminate a disease that could potentially spread.

By making sure that your kids are vaccinated, you are not only protecting your family but also protecting your community. The more people get vaccinated, the less likely the disease can spread. Truth is, immunization can save lives.

In the 1950s, thousands of children died from Diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis. Thanks to vaccinations introduced in the 60s and 70s, children are now safe from these diseases.

How Do Vaccinations Work?

The vaccine utilizes your body’s immune system to protect you from the disease before you come into contact with the virus or bacteria that cause it. You either avoid getting the disease altogether, or you only experience mild symptoms of it. 

Vaccines go through strict and rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness and safety before they are distributed.

What Childhood Immunizations are Required?

The following vaccinations are recommended for kids by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These vaccinations need to follow a fixed schedule. The recommendations may change with new vaccines. The recommended vaccines include:

Why Childhood Immunizations Are Important

Immunization saves lives. Many diseases have been eliminated because of vaccinations. Polio was once one of the scariest diseases in the United States. However, vaccinations have practically eradicated this disease in the country. There are no reported cases of polio in the country.

Vaccination is safe, and it is effective. Vaccines are given only after months or years of study and review by scientists and healthcare experts. Vaccination will likely cause a small amount of discomfort, but it’s minimal compared to its lifelong benefits.

Immunization protects the community as a whole. Diseases, like pertussis or measles, can have resurgences. Some babies do not receive vaccinations because of various health reasons including allergies or weak immune systems. By getting your kids immunized, you also help protect these kids from resurging diseases. Getting the vaccine helps minimize the spread of the disease.

Should Your Child Still Get Routine Vaccinations During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While COVID-19 may have disrupted your family’s life, it is still important to get your child vaccinated. Make sure to observe the schedule of their vaccinations. This will help protect them against serious diseases. So, when life returns to normal, you won’t have to worry about other children infecting your child with diseases.

The COVID-19 outbreak particularly reminds everyone of how important vaccinations are. This shows people that a vaccine can help stop the spread of disease and save lives. This shows people the importance of getting their child vaccinated for existing diseases.  Without that protection, diseases can spread rapidly and can kill tens and thousands of people worldwide.

So, while the entire world is waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine, make sure to protect your child against other deadly diseases.

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