Top 10 things to do in Brooklyn, NY

Top 10 Things To Do in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn is one of the top tourist destinations in the US with a record-high of 65.2 million visitors for the past year. The borough is the breeding ground of some of the nation’s first patents like teddy bears and first bank credit cards. With its rich history and numerous landmarks, here are the top things you can do with your loved ones when visiting Brooklyn. 

10 Fun ways to explore Brooklyn, NY 

Whether it’s a date or you’re traveling with your kids, these activities will surely make you fall in love with the Borough of Homes and Churches.

1. Visit the New York Transit Museum

The New York Transit Museum is one of the famous museums out of the 700 art institutions in Brooklyn. The museum is the decommissioned Courtney subway station where you can see the old trains dating back from the 1900s. Relive the old times by checking out the classic wooden railcar and the rattan seat cushions on the old trains of New York. 

Wooden rail car in the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, NY
Source: By BlastOButter42 at English Wikipedia

2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The most famous suspension bridge in Brooklyn is worth every step when you visit The Big Apple. The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883 and still connects Manhattan and Brooklyn for the past 137 years. There’s a different kind of charm when you cross the bridge during the day and at night, so better see it at both times when you visit the city. 

Tourists walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

3. Dine at DUMBO 

DUMBO or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass has one of the scenic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and where you can grab some lunch as you walk around the neighborhood. Eat great food with a view at Celestine or munch on some Asian cuisine within your budget at Joe’s Steamed Rice Roll or Oasis

Falafel platter at Oasis in Brooklyn, NY


4. Appreciate the artistic side of the city at Brooklyn Museum

Another treat for art lovers is the Brooklyn Museum. The ancient sarcophagus, beautiful paintings, and other mediums of art are a must-see for the curious minds. The museum offers free admission every Thursday nights from 6 PM -10 PM. 

Sarcophagus in Brooklyn Museum

5. Listen to music in a barge 

If listening to music in live sessions can give you a different kind of thrill, what’s more in a barge? Barge Music is built-in 1886 and turned into a floating concert hall by the retired violinist Olga Bloom in 1956. Today, the barge still holds concerts for visitors to enjoy. 

Barge music under the Brooklyn Bridge


6. Explore the street art in Bushwick

Art is deeply embedded in the history of Brooklyn and you can witness that on every corner of the borough. Some of the great artists around the neighborhood have come together to create a wall art gallery called Bushwick Collective. See how much detail these artists put on their work as you navigate around their outdoor gallery.

Wall art in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY Source


7. Walk around Williamsburg

Williamsburg is another neighborhood in Brooklyn facing the East River that has a lot to offer. You can stroll along the waterfront area and appreciate the view or walk around the place where you can find Hotel Delmano and Brooklyn Brewery to grab some drinks. 

Domino Park at Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn, NY


8. Appreciate the Victorian architecture in Victorian Flatbush and Prospect Park

Victorian Flatbush was once a farming village during the 1650s. It is one of the historic sites of Brooklyn along with Prospect Park where several Victorian-style houses are well-preserved. Time travel to the Victorian era with your friends as you walk along the streets of these surreal neighborhoods.

Victorian-style houses in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY


9. See the inspiration behind Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The home of Truman Capote in Brooklyn Heights is where he got his inspiration for the novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s which became one of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic movies. Now, it’s one of the city’s historical landmarks that draw many Hepburn fans around the globe. 

Truman Capote’s house built in 1790 in Brooklyn, NY

10. Discover one of the leading medical group in the city

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