Doctors providing Individualized Patient Healthcare

The Importance of Individualized Patient Care

Healthcare providers’ and professionals’ credibility is often reflected in the successes they have with regards to healing their patients from being sick. That’s quite logical because people seek medical attention to get well.

But on the other side of the coin, patients need to be participative in their treatment plan and follow their doctor’s prescriptions judiciously to achieve a favorable outcome with regards to their health.

Restoring health, therefore, is a two-way street. A partnership between the healthcare professional and the patient. This approach in healthcare has emerged and is now widely known as Individualized Patient Care or IPC.

IPC is patient-centered. This type of care gives attention to the patient’s needs and circumstances in relation to the medication employed by the medical facility/practitioner. 

What is Individualized Patient Care?

IPC, in a nutshell, is a patient-centered care model that simply asks the patient their priorities as they embark on treatment. 

Before, providing healthcare has been doctor-centered, where the doctor ‘knows best’. With IPC, the healthcare provider takes into consideration the preferences and values of the patient. This approach promotes flexibility in care provision between the doctor and the patient.

Goals of Individualized Patient Care

IPC is relational in nature and builds on the improved communication between the stakeholders. It tells the patient that they are being valued as a person, not just a patient.

While the healthcare professional’s focus is on their priorities to treat the patient (seeking quality outcome) and is certainly the goal of IPC, too. But it also deems important the listening part during interaction with patients. Lending ears to patients in the treatment process builds trust and lessens patient anxiety.

Individualized Patient Care digs on the issues and worries of the patients, aside from the sickness they are battling. These are surrounding challenges they face such as personal, financial, emotional, familial concerns and the like. Knowing these helps the healthcare facility to determine the best course of treatment and medication to employ given the situation of the patient. 

Components of IPC

Healthcare providers design a customized and thorough care plan in IPC through active collaboration and shared decision-making with the patients and their families.

Here are the 7 Essential Components of Individualized Patient Care:

1. The values, principles, plans and leadership of the healthcare system and facilities are geared towards individualized care for patients.

2. Care and treatment aim to provide holistic well-being for patients.

3. Efficient communication and collaboration are the keys to making sure that care is being provided appropriately.

4. Understanding and respecting the patient (and family) on a deeper level: their background preferences, values and culture, and socioeconomic status.

5. Healthcare Provider-Patient partnership in decision-making with regards to care and treatment plan.

6. Family members are encouraged to be always present and participative in the care setting of the patient.

7. Information and updates from healthcare providers are keys to making informed decisions by the patient and their families.

Offering IPC in healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities’ and providers’ mandate is to provide health solutions and treatments to the sick members of the community. Their ultimate goal is to alleviate poor health conditions by providing care and treatment plans. To earn and profit is secondary.

Moving towards Individualized Patient Care is an all-important move for healthcare facilities. Providing this type of care means that they are serious and committed to their patients and that they are adhering to their mandate of ‘healing the sick’.

Hadi Medical Group offers IPC in New York

Individualized Patient Care is at the core of Hadi Medical Group. Our goal is to provide personal care and treatment plans for patients. IPC is incorporated across all of our medical services in caring and treating patients.

Hadi Medical Group treats patients on a personal level. Their care extends far beyond the medical need of the patient but also for their holistic well-being. They are personable with their approach to patients for them to feel welcomed, respected and valued.

Hadi Medical Group specializes in family practice, pediatrics, interventional pain management and addiction medication. Their team of professional medical experts and staff are trained in IPC. They provide optimum and personal care to patients in a healthy and friendly environment.

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