The Benefits of Choosing a Multi-Specialty Practice in New York

The Benefits of Choosing a Multi-Specialty Practice in New York

How Can a Multi-Specialty Medical Practice Improve Your Health?

Multi-specialty or group practices provide all the health needs of patients in a convenient location. It is becoming an increasingly popular option for practitioners to offer their services in facilities that are shared with other specialists.

Choosing a multi-specialty practice not only provide benefits to the physicians but also to patients as well. Multi-specialty practices have different kinds of specialists so that they can offer complete medical services to patients.

Hadi Medical Group in New York is a multi-specialty practice that specializes in the field of pediatrics, family health, addiction medication and pain management. We strive to keep you in optimal health with our wide range of medical services for the entire family. Learn more about the benefits that you can get from a multi-specialty practice.

One-Stop Destination for All Your Health Needs

Multi-specialty practices serve as a one-stop destination for all your health needs. You can get comprehensive medical care all under one roof. Our multi-specialty clinic offers a wide range of medical services and provide personalized care.

Hadi Medical Group uses its expertise in treating family and pediatric medical problems, providing relief to pain and managing the addiction of patients to give you complete medical care. With a network of qualified doctors, Hadi Medical Group is the number one multi-specialty office that you can visit in New York.

Schedule Appointments Easily

In a multi-specialty practice setup, it is easier for patients to schedule appointments because they know their doctors and they know how to reach them. This kind of familiarity allows patients to have a better relationship with their doctors and become partners in achieving the right kind of care for their needs.

We at Hadi Medical Group promote proper communication with our patients. We take the time to understand their needs so that we can provide the best medical care that our patients deserve. We make it a point to always listen and work with our patients to help them meet their health goals.

Readily Available Specialists

Another benefit of choosing a multi-specialty practice is that you have readily available access to our doctors. Since multi-specialty practices share access to your medical records, you will not have to wait for a doctor from another practice to get a hold of your medical history to give you the care that you need. Most of the time, if you are being referred to another doctor within the same practice, that specialist is also available in the same location.

You can easily reach out to our team of trusted doctors for any kind of medical attention that you need. Our staff will assist you with booking an appointment with one of our doctors to help you with your health needs.

Decreased Medical Spending

Studies show that Medicare beneficiaries who transferred from a primary-care-only practice to a multi-specialty practice saved more money because of a decrease in medical spending. The decrease in medical spending is due to the reduced hospital expenses caused by frequent hospitalizations among patients who have primary care specialists.

If you are looking for a reliable multi-specialty practice in New York, Hadi Medical Group will cater to your medical needs. Contact us or book an appointment today.

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