Improve the Quality of Your Life in 2022 Through Advanced Pain Management

Improve the Quality of Your Life in 2022 Through Advanced Pain Management

If you’ve ever experienced chronic pain, you know already that it can be very exhausting. Beyond the physical manifestations of pain, it has mind-body components. That is, it affects one’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Finding strategies to help you manage chronic pain begins first with getting rid of bad habits that worsen it. But, as frustrating and tiring it may seem, chronic pain can be properly managed, and you can enjoy life and whatever it has to offer.  

The Link Between Pain and Quality of Life

Pain is one of the most common medical complaints all over the world. It affects about 1 out of 5 adults and is one of the leading factors that limit work. It also limits physical activity and quality of life. There are multiple dimensions to how we experience pain. 

Beyond limiting an individual’s functional capacity and even mental health, pain affects sleep quality and cognitive function. All of these could eventually result in depressive mood disorders which affect a person’s psychological health. Continuous pain and loss of functional capacity progressively deteriorate a person’s quality of life. 

However, there are lifestyle measures that can help manage chronic pain. Additionally, there are advanced interventional procedures for improving quality of life through pain management. 

Know & Get Rid of the Common Bad Habits that Worsen Chronic Pain

Understanding how to properly manage chronic pain begins by first getting rid of the common habits that worsen it. Here are common habits that worsen chronic pain:

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of chronic pain. The body is built for movement and not for a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people living with chronic pain live a sedentary lifestyle, which may worsen chronic pain. 

Physical inactivity may lead to disuse syndrome. This may result in joint and muscle-related conditions such as weakness, immobility, and stiffening. However, it may be challenging to engage in physical activity when you’re experiencing pain. But a mindset shift may be all that you need. You must be willing to continue moving and remain positive to manage chronic pain.

Excessive Smoking and Uncontrolled Use of Tobacco Products

Smoking contributes to chronic pain by increasing pain sensitivity and its perception. Tobacco affects the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to tissues and bones. This may initiate bone and joint degeneration. 

Although people living with chronic pain often take tobacco products to get some relief, the relief is only short-term and may actually worsen it in the long run. So you may want to think twice before you light up that cigarette

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress and chronic pain share a unique relationship. Exercises and medically-approved physical activities for managing pain are not synonymous with chronic pain. As stress level rises, the body undergoes physiological changes that influence pain perception in the body. 

Additionally, prolonged stress causes muscles to spasm and may even trigger certain hormones that induce inflammation and eventually lead to more pain.

Untreated Minor Aches and Related Pains

In most cases, chronic pain usually begins with a minor injury. Ensure to begin therapy immediately for any type of pain, even if you experience very mild symptoms. You do not have to wait till they become sore or affect your strength and mobility before you initiate therapy.

Advanced Pain Management Treatments to Boost Your Quality of Life

Pain can be one of the most difficult and challenging conditions to treat. Treatment with conventional therapies may not be long-lasting enough. Also, existing medications mostly manage symptoms instead of addressing the root of the problem. 

However, modern procedures exist for treating chronic pain and restoring quality of life. Advanced procedures for treating chronic stress exist. For instance, epidural steroid injections are available for treating pains in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions of the body. 

Other advanced therapies include kyphoplasty, PRP therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and more for effectively managing chronic pain.

We provide advanced medical services at Hadi Medical Group. Contact us for advanced pain management in Brooklyn, Hempstead, Long Beach, and Plainview. Schedule an appointment today to break free from all forms of chronic pain.

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