How PRP Therapy Works for Arthritis

How PRP Therapy Works for Arthritis

Almost everyone living with arthritis will agree that it affects their lives, and ultimately their quality of life in some way. Let’s face the fact, living with arthritis is not easy. Going through life with pain, stress, and discomfort can affect one’s mental state. 

But living with arthritis does not mean you won’t live a meaningful life. 

Advances in science and pain medicine have introduced different revolutionary regenerative treatments, such as PRP therapy for treating arthritis. PRP therapy inhibits inflammation and stimulates the body’s self-healing factors to accelerate the healing of arthritis. 

Overview of PRP Therapy

PRP therapy essentially uses injections of the patient’s own platelet concentrate to accelerate the healing of arthritis. PRP therapy is a safe and effective revolutionary treatment approach. This is because it uses the patient’s own tissues. Hence, there’s no risk of rejection and does not give rise to adverse reactions.

How Does PRP Therapy Work for Arthritis?

Platelet-rich plasma is produced by first centrifuging a patient’s blood sample to concentrate the platelets. Certain solutions of substances may be added to the PRP injection to enhance their healing properties. These substances are usually bioactive substances that aid cell growth and repair, such as thrombin and calcium chloride, to help enhance the potency of PRP injections.

The injection can then be administered via a needle to a joint. The PRP concentrate stimulates a number of growth factors that will aid the formation of new cartilage. Beyond just stimulating the growth of new cartilages, it also aids joint lubrication. This helps to reduce the inflammation and painful joint friction that is typical of arthritis.

Benefits of PRP Therapy for Arthritis

Studies have established the effectiveness of PRP treatment for arthritis. Scientists have found out that arthritis treatment with PRP injections is more effective than conventional treatments with hyaluronic acid

It is not surprising that PRP therapy has gained much popularity in sports medicine. It is widely used in this field for treating sports injuries, such as knee injuries and other knee problems, to provide accelerated pain relief. 

Here are the benefits of PRP therapy for arthritis. 

Faster Recovery

PRP therapy enhances the body’s healing process, so patients usually experience relief from pain within just three to four weeks of the injection. Treatment with conventional medications usually takes much longer. Additionally, pain relief is minimal and sometimes may not even be noticeable. This makes PRP therapy one of the best treatments for knee pain and arthritis. 

Safe and Effective Modern Treatment

Conventional treatment of arthritis with medications does not address the root cause of the problems. They only help manage the symptoms and slow down the disease progress. PRP therapy, on the other hand, addresses the root cause of the problem. 

Also, PRP therapy could also help reverse existing cartilage damage within an arthritic knee. The procedure uses the body’s own platelets to harness its healing properties. Hence, the procedure is both safe and effective.

Accelerated Self-Healing

By harnessing the body’s restorative mechanisms, PRP treatment is able to accelerate a natural healing process. This shortens healing time and enhances regeneration of cartilages, tendons, or ligaments that may have been damaged as a result of arthritis.

Enhanced Recovery from Pain & Inflammation

Arthritis pain is usually characterized by inflammation and stiffness around the knee. Recovery from the use of conventional medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs does not promote immediate recovery. Also,  when they eventually provide recovery, it only lasts a few hours. 

PRP therapy, on the other hand, provides superior pain relief that is immediate and long-lasting. 

Also, PRP therapy can help avoid the need for knee replacement surgery.

We can help you break free from the pain of arthritis at Hadi Medical Group. Contact us to help you treat arthritis and improve the quality of your life through PRP therapy for arthritis in Long Beach and Plainview.

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