History of Brooklyn, NY

History Of Brooklyn, NY

Known as the home of the classic New York Style pizza, famous celebrities like Barbra Streisand, and major contribution in historic events, Brooklyn has forever marked its name in the history of America. The borough has contributed in numerous wars and movements that built the America that we know today. 

Hadi Medical Group is part of the multi-specialty medical practices thriving in Brooklyn that serves the modern Brooklynites. Our team fell in love with the diverse community of Brooklyn and aims to highlight its mark in history. Let’s go down memory lane and see where it all started. 

Brooklyn under the Dutch settlement

Dutch farmers were the first inhabitants of Brooklyn in the 1600s during the European colonization. It was a small town located on the east river shore of Long Island. Wyckoff House is one of the homes from this era that is still standing in Brooklyn up to this day. 

Wyckoff House in Brooklyn, NY


The transition from Breuckelen to Brooklyn

The residents named the village Breuckelen after the old town with the same name in the Netherlands. There have been a lot of variations for the name starting from Breucklyn, Breuckland, Brucklyn, Broucklyn, Brookland, Brockland, Brocklin, and Brookline/Brook-line until the residents ended up with Brooklyn. 

USS Monitor during the American Revolutionary War


Contribution to the American Revolutionary War and American Civil War

As the community grew, the coastal area has been a good vantage point for both commerce and war. In 1773, the Battle of the Long Island or Battle of Brooklyn that took place on the coasts of Brooklyn ignited the American Revolutionary War. The British won the war and imprisoned the outnumbered American soldiers inside the prison ships docked in Wallabout Bay

Brooklyn was also one of the boroughs that suffered the highest percentage of slavery during the 1700s. In support of the Union during the American Civil War in 1861, Brooklyn supplied troops including the finest ones such as the 14th and provided military equipment and warships like the Monitor.  

Brooklyn was once an independent city

There were already thousands of residents in Brooklyn during the 1800s. The development in the city flourished having its own ferry district, schools, and churches. By 1834, it was registered as an independent city.

When the Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883, the idea of building the united City of New York that will combine three counties piqued the interest of Brooklynites. The majority voted for the merger of the two cities in 1884

Dubbed as the Great Mistake of 1898, Brooklyn lost its identity as a city and became one of the five boroughs of The Big Apple. 

Fifth Avenue 1898, Brooklyn NY


The renaissance: From being a farming village to a thriving business hub

After the Civil War, the coastal area of the town became a geographical advantage that improved its economy and turned it into a city. The exponential development of the city came when the Brooklyn Bridge and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge were built and the surrounding waters no longer became the main mode of transportation.  

Brooklyn, NY today


Today, Brooklyn is home to the top companies in the US blended with the residential apartments in the area. There’s also a distinct concentration of food hubs, art exhibits, historic sites, and multi-specialty medical practices in Brooklyn like Hadi Medical Group that you can’t find in any of the other boroughs.  

Visit Brooklyn and witness the great diversity in the community while munching on a slice of jaw-dropping New York Style pizza. Who knows you might also come across a Hollywood celebrity living in the area. 

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